peter platel

While educating myself, people who challenged the traditional rules of gender, life, family, ecology, … crossed my path and stimulated me to question myself even more. And while the questions lead to stories and the stories to collages, my universe filled itself with creatures, personalities and entities, not restricted by the traditional rules, laws and judgements of daily life.

My creations are meant to tickle your brain, to shift your focus and to question the world. Sometimes gently, sometimes humorous, sometimes brutally, but always with – and in – total freedom.

More and more I withdraw from society. And in an attempt to exclude the noise, I can quiet my mind and see things more clearly while the questions immerse.

Struggling with anger, disagreement and frustration, but at the same time grateful and fully aware of the miracle of life, my work channels my concerns regarding sex and gender, gender as a construct, gender inequality, discrimination and violence. Issues that have always touched me profoundly and can never be addressed enough.

It is my sincere hope that my work starts the conversation. That it opens peoples eyes, and makes them listen to each-other. That it will slowly create a shift towards more understanding for everybody living his/ her/their life by his/her/their own rules.

All collages are analog, hand cut and glued on paper.